Sonnet: Be Thou Exalted

Be thou exalted oh Lord above all heavens

For ye are God above all gods

Be thou hunted and exhausted oh god of all evil

For ye are god above all squad of togs

Ye has no power over me coz I be god created by the supreme God

Ye excogigate elusive bait for me

I say may thou be put into a state of Huggermugger

May God arise may his enemies be scattered like a raindrops patter, scattered, never to be gathered

Abba! If mine mouth open wide to pour at rivers of praise nay it shan’t be enough to praise thee.

From eternity to eternity I am God

No one can snatch anyone out of mine hands

No one can undo what I have done. Saith thou.

Hence, I acknowledge Exaltare Domine Super Omnes Caelos

Be thou exalted oh Lord above all heavens.

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