Shame, fear, insecurity trailed along as Aliya walks the path of obscurity. She felt wounded deep within, like an outcast, she felt unloved. “Is this all there is?” she asked herself with a shivered intonation as tears pattered quietly on the ground.

Pride, assurance, confidence trailed along Celina’s path. She has never been bereft of love, merriment and shelter. Now life is bias in favour of Celina’s character in the script of life.

Aliya embarks on a journey to question the four elements of life.

She ran to the soil hoping she would be planted unto perfection. “I can’t recreate you, my limit only stretches across the beneath of the sky” soil said sympathetically.

She travelled so many paths, overcame obstacles and finally got to the waters of the earth to see if her problem could be solved. “I wash, purify and serve as a settlement for the fishes of the world to dwell. I do not recreate but provide sustenance for the living creatures of the earth”. Aliya felt the world is starting to disintegrate on her. She needs to implore the other two elements of the earth.

She was getting closer to the third element called fire. She managed to cover up some my miles towards it, but when she could no longer put up with the intensity of the fire’s countenance. “Could you abate the heat please?” Aliya cried out. “I have been designed to keep burning, never to go off and everyone needs me for survival” fire said assertively.

Aliya, trudging, sweating, and plaiting as she looked up in the sky to the wind, she inhaled deeply feeling every caress coming from the wind as she made a wish. “I wish all this was a dream.” Abruptly, she felt the wind girdling her as she woke seeing people gathered around her, breezing her. She discovered she has been unconscious for the past 5 hours.

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