Mother’s Love

the love of a mother


Just wrote this ballad #poetry #sheilyrics

My hands got moist when I placed them closer to the fire.

I slept off knowing not my chills had gone AWOL.

A great warmth began clothing me.
Relaxing and was oblivious it was mum and me.

Well, all I knew was that her hands were so strong and at the same time as gentle as a dove.

Always indirectly telling me the sky is my limit even if i cant see a dove up above.

My mum sweet, gently, respectful and loving.

Her love is indispensable

her personality is irreplaceable

Her enthusiasm is formidable

Even when everything seems cold and unable, she’s always able to wrap me around her arms

Giving me a kiss and her clothing of love to keep me warm in the winter charms


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