Rhyme is defined as the repetition of similar sound

but every iota of rhyme i uttered was the repetition of my flesh
trailing on the ground of my newly found poetic sound background
never knew i needed to start afresh
twinkle twinkle little stars
how i wonder what you are
up above the world so high
like a diamond in the sky
i grew up a singer, a dancer,a preachers son
i grew up a fighter, i grew up finer
but because i was a minor, i was blinded to the fact i grew up a sinner
what i knew was to sprinkle sprinkle little lies
never listen to mums advice
always want to compromise
like a chameleon in disguise
for when i was a child, i spoke like a child
understanding not what he passed through to craft the words i spake… this is not flakes
but i enjoyed every bit of words and rhyme i digested; dancing as though i was free from falling
then a strange poetic tune began percolating into my soul
my head got ached, my flesh got baked by a nail and a hammer
my whole body got plagued.. experiencing the first miracle of sweat turning into blood
i thought i saw freedom from afar, but it was vague
what clothed my face was the excruciating rhyme that had re shaped my diction
it escalated to becoming an affliction, addiction, this is no fiction but what i needed to my rhyme to gain VISION was the GRACE that came through the CRUCIFIXION
my head my shoulder my knees my toe
My head!, my shoulder! my knees! my toe
my head my shoulder my knees my toe
they all belong to …………..
i remained silent coz what this part of my body belonged to was to
a good looking uninviting rhyme called SIN.. eww! its so sour like a lime
One two, buckle my shoes, out of the blues he knotted my screws
three four, knock at the door of my life and restore
five six, pick up sticks, made them flick on the crucifix
seven eight, lay them straight, (laid them straight) x3 and was crucified
nine ten a big fat hen, a big fat hen! no but a big fat lamb was slaughtered for my big fat sin
on eleven, twelve he gave the law writing them on the tabloid of my heart
But My 100 billion nerve cells could not comprehend His Reasoning;
neither could my 206 Bones tell the rhythm that Bruised his bones
Even when my hippocampus tries to remember, it only shows “The end”
Even when i live up to 120 years, I’m too young to know the amount of the loan
he loaned me when he died paying the debt all alone
My heart got shut; i could not **** breath
But never realized his last *** breath was ‘it is finished’
My limbs and my ribs got offered a bid of 10,000 shots
i called 911 to come to my rescue but dint realized i was too short
i was short of his glory
My five sense organ got disabled to see, feel, taste, smell nor hear.
the only thing i could see was my flaws on the floor of the Law
the only thing i could feel was the breath of life turning into breath of strife
just because i did not turn my self in to go under God’s knife
the only thing i could taste was the manner prepared by my flesh with the banner “Mind your Manners!”
what manner of Man he his who came to change my manner with a nail and a hammer
But theologically speaking, he gave himself in that my Biology
could match his genealogy to reflect in my ecology
then my ideology changed
even philosophy could not change the methodology that equation Believe x Christ = everlasting life coz when you believe Christ you’ll have everlasting life
Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb
Mary had a little lamb its fleece was white as snow
and every where that Mary went, Mary went, Mary went
every where that Mary went the lamb was sure to go
but this time the lamb decided not to follow Mary to wherever she goes
or fulfill the nursery rhyme that had been inscribed like ‘mother goose’
instead the lamb willingly died and was set loose
to set us free from the hideous rhyme that tasted as sour as a lime juice