The swift moving car overran the vast still forest
As the sun grew dim and gloomy and all was failed to remember
But like a wild animal inexhaustibly searching for prey in the wild forest
I get sentimental for my big clay house where everyone however stays merry because we were never torn asunder
(sing)**oh my home (times 2), where shall i see me home……………………***
Was the chorus we sang as we roll distorted tires to fro the street
and what fantasizes us most was always getting set whenever the sun set for the moonlight play
as our juvenile cliche would be incomplete without a sarcastic croon as the old men play the beat
We were never weary of watching our mothers tirelessly splitting the thick cocoa pods
As we jolt by the incessant hit of the aged lumber man clinging on top of the palm tree
But as my juvenile years passed by i grew an intense nostalgia for my childhood days
I greatly enjoyed the time we spent singing the moon light chorus while we danced around like a barbie
Sun sets under smoky skies as girls play in the sand at the Moonlight Beach in Encinitas
So, please forgive me if i speak in the tongue you do not understand
Please excuse me if my lifestyle is incompatible with your freestyle
Please pardon if this poetry would make you lose your stand coz’ you’ve just been scanned
But I’ll never forgive you if you deny there is truly no place like home which is part of your profile
I am famished so i need to be fed with the delicacy emerging from my mother’s big round pot
I am thirsty so i need my thirst to be quenched by the water from the clay bowl
Designed with her hands and sweat that always pays the debt with no but
I am naked please wear me a thick blanket made from my mother’s obsolete twine and fibre pole
But; however; nevertheless no amount of ‘i guess’ can tell the address to my home
Sentimental i get so i need not a home with a roof that has a bullet proof
My home is situated at a remote settlement by the countryside named home sweet home
So the definition of my perfect home is that which:
No matter the deficiencies of luxury things we were always together no matter the weather
Do you want proof?
My proof is that i hail from a remote settlement by the countryside where the crippled sign post reads “Home Sweet Home”
Where the children chorused the night song that enchanted a feeling inside of that keeps us together
reminding us that no matter where we are in this world, irrespective of the richness let’s remember there will be no place like Home
a time will come when you would wish you could rewind back the hands of time to when you were little just to have some more taste of what was like to play with sand at the sea shore; build a castle with your hands and legs. so, while you are young and agile please HAVE SOME FUN!
(singing) swing low swing chariot coming back to carry me home x2

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