Perfect Forever

​I love you and i really do even when i hurt you

who said it was going to be perfect; who said i was going to be perfect

so my definition of love is giving someone the ability to hurt you

with a bow on my shoulder and an arrow getting ready to shoot you

coz the only thing i am perfect at is to love you and at the same time to make you cry

i am not perfect!
my imperfection is my perfection; my perfection is my imperfection 

i am me and you are you

so the only teacher that could show me how to be who you want me to be is LOVE

coz its a perfect word with two vowels and two consonant

might sound or look stupid, ask mathematics

and it’ll tell you that two plus two is four and that’s systematic
i will always make you smile, take you to your dream abode in the Love land

fight for you; will always be your man

will love you; like you’ve never been loved before

But when i hurt you, promise you’ll never stop calling me your fan; your man

might make you cry and wish you had told me bye with a reply

‘You are not just the perfect one, Good-bye’
still i promise to love you every waking day until my very last breath

some may think ‘forever’ is not possible, ask the caring Cupid that leaves by a bruise

Love is perfect; Forever is perfect but nobody is perfect
my imperfection is my perfection; my perfection is my imperfection

i may not be the perfect selfie stick to make your love pics

nor the perfect object of effect to saturate quick

nor the perfect crop to make it fit the frame on the wall of your heart

But i choose to believe in the perfect selfie stick that could give a befitting frame, Love

I choose to believe in forever

Because forever is giving one another unlimited chances to love you right every day


coz love is not finding the perfect person, it is finding the imperfect person and seeing how they are perfect in their imperfection

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