Before you read this piece, please peruse the sentence in details and feel yourself in the characters.
its all about the metamorphosis of Glory, David as my focus point.
. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
I thought i was a baby who needs help
by sleeping on mother’s back all day long
wailing, desiring mothers milk, like a whelp
i scrambled, weeping all along

I thought i was a sage who needs no aid
but gorgeous faces pulls numerous dresses
on the body that would soon fade
like a wind blowing away messes

I was standing in the middle of the truth and the riddle
dint know the solution to the puzzle as i dazzle
got stabbed as the wound spread to every part of my life
all because i didn’t sign the consent form to go under God’s knife

Like a warrior i thought i could defeat Goliath
with no armour and a helmet.
But i read the story of David and Goliath
whom God used as an instrument for Israel’s emancipation

I never knew, to attain such honor of been a great warrior
who could eventually be crown as king
I must first get dirty in the wilderness with my harps and sing
for the Sheeps and Cattles in the spring

But like Joseph, i would wait
to keep my integrity
I need not a debate

Like Solomon i would stay wise
not to be used by the devil as a device
or otherwise, i am not wise

Like David, i would stay dirty in the wilderness taking care of the Sheeps
with my harps as i sing, and my fingers on the string
knowing not God was preparing me to be king

Now, i indeed have a story to tell
because behind every Glory there is a Story.

Come to think of it,
even if i have a master’s degree in writing poetry
even if i have a master’s degree in writing story
I have no degree in keeping Gods Glory



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