Dear Hadassah

My Heart pitter-pattered the moment it caught a glimpse of you

Making the regard of your shadow freeze the moonlight breeze

As tho’ earth’s apparition cracks in between your light skin hue

Causing even time itself be on a freeze❄
Your smile shifts the heavens away from a yonder mile

Causing the moonlight to dance like a newly born Cinderella in Prince’s Castle

who’s magic goan unravel the sunlight’s beauty like a wedded senora in the aisle with a smile
Your fingers spells the stars to twinkle on every snap

Radiant you are like sparkles embodying Dog Star

Causing Haman to fall on your beauty trap

Sweet words can’t qualify you neither can it fill in the gap
No matter how much it weighs deep within me

Words can’t tell it neither can feelings express it

No matter how much a deserted desert may be

There is the need of an iota of water to soothe it
Your eyes does teach the torches to burn bright

It seems you hang upon the cheek of the night

Like a fine jewel in Ethiope’s ear

Beauty too rich for use,

For earth too dear

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