I am a Christian and I am not ashamed to announce that. I know who I am in Christ. There’s been time God spoke to me concerning aversion of a mischief.
One day, I was at my mums shop seated on the bench when I heard in my spirit to Go home to pray. To me I thought it was just a random thought but few minutes later my sister rushed to the shop and said people where gathered at the house to put off our burning television. Then I realised had it been I adhered to that voice, God would have averted that from happening.
There’s been a time I had  a dream– and in that dream I was bitten by a snake, so this mad came behind me touched it and didn’t no what he did or applied to it and it went. People, to me that was Jesus.
There’s been times where I sat on my grandfather specially made seat, prayed on it anticipating my grandfather would sit on it the next day and when he does, he was healed.
So, me enjoying this benefits from Jesus without sharing it to the world, would me mean of me. I thought after I have given my life to Christ, I would lost all the fun in the world. That is an emphatic NO!. Jesus will keep knocking until you answer him. That is why he is Jesus.

I am not here to preach but to let you know that he is truly coming soon and the signs are apparent to everyone.

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