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I become exasperated when I see people of my age waste themselves in doing things that is not worthy of an applause.
Sometimes I wish I had the opportunity to address over millions of my folks, help them discover their selves, their potentials and do something to help develop their standard of living. Yesterday when I was browsing on my phone, a teenage boy who walks in with his band to the cafe to browse the internet. Afterwards, what I saw was him staring at the naked pictures of ladies who are not considerate that they are contributing to the obliteration of peoples mind. I began to feel sympathetic for him because what he hasn’t realised yet is that he is building a very weak foundation for himself. The Bible says “train up your child in the way he should go so that when he is old he will not depart from it”. I bless God for my life. When I take a flash Back of how I used to be before I became a new person, I have really done some ” nasty” things.
There is something about this generation of ours when it comes to obeying rules and regulations, dressing, obeying ones parent and other ethical conduct. This is a computer age, a civilised era where one is free to do whatever he/she wants.

Its cool to be “cool” as a matter of fact I love to look cool, and a fashion  “freak” but at the same time be a good boy.
To mitigate this,
1. Parent- The parent has a primary role to play in the child’s life. You can’t expect to be a drug addicted parent and expect your child to be a soft drink lover. Scientifically, it doesn’t correlate
2. Friends- friends also play a role in ones life because they are a strong force of influence on ones life. Choose your friends wisely.
3. You- when I say ‘you’ I mean watch what you see and what you say and in totality, be different.

And what has helped me over the years was that I got to discover my talents and skills. So virtually everyday I am engaging myself on what I love doing and that’s Writing, craft works, playing a guitar, singing, dancing and acting. As times go on, I discovered I am rummaging for more. So, teens out there pls discover yourself and stay good.

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